Ramina - 37 years of marketing experience

Ramina is a private owned company established 1980 in Alexandria Egypt to represent foreign companies in the Egyptian market. The company started selling some industrial products such as compressors, air dryers, pneumatic control systems , ... etc.

Ten years later it expanded by representing new other foreign companies in the field of plastics, raw materials, additives, machines and testing devices. The plastics department grew up very fast and several experts and sales engineers joined Ramina where they climbed the success hill up to its top putting Ramina's own standard to all items sold all over the Egyptian market.

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Services Overview

RAMINA is an Innovative Leader in providing:

  • -Industrial Supplies and Chemicals
  • -FRP
  • -Plastic

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Ramina Team

Address:   49 EL Horreya Avenue 21131,Alexandria,Egypt
Tel:+2 (03) 39309 64 / 56
FAX:+2 (03) 4879365
MOB:+2 01222328059
WEB: www.ramina.org

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